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Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Whitworth Street

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Solution to Clay Heave

Anvil Foundations have provided the piling and foundations for a four bedroom new build house in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. The development is on the site of an older house which has been raised to the ground to make way for a modern design.

The potential for “Clay Heave” was the challenge on this project. This is a term given to the increase in moisture content and can be caused by re-hydration of desiccated soil, climate, water courses, vegetation, tree roots or the removal of overburden resulting in volume increase. The movement in the ground can severely damage buildings and in some cases destroy them.

These ground conditions dictated that the best option would be to use steel cased driven piles that are shorter and wider, ideal for protection against tree routes.  Once in place anti clay heave material was used around the beam on top of the piles.

The alternative would have been to use longer heavy load piles, which need deeper holes. This would have meant drilling through the clay and into the damp chalk beneath which would have been like running a hot knife through butter leaving a huge hole to fill making things more expensive for the client.

Anvil Foundations worked on this project with MA Young Construction (main Contractor) and Quantity Surveyor Chris Bauer.

Malcolm Young Managing Director said, “We rely on Anvil Foundations for 90% of our projects because we always get a quality and reliable service at competitive prices. We have got to know Nigel MacLean and his team very well over the 18 years we have worked together and hope that this continues.”

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Education Sector >

Cheadle Hulme SchoolCheadle Hulme School

As part of Project Alpha, Anvil installed "superload" piles to provide permanent support to the old front elevation façade.

The steel cased, bottom driven piles were anchored into the bedrock to support a reinforced concrete lattice work of beams.

The consultants were DAE Design of Buxworth and the Architect was Thomas Worthington design of Cheadle.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Manufacturing Sector >

Taking The Pressure UndergroundTaking the pressure underground

Underpinning road to ensure traffic safety

Working for the Coal Authority in the perhaps aptly named Capt. Webb Drive, in Telford, Shropshire, (wasn’t he the guy who first swam the Channel, covered in goose fat?!)

Anvil worked with main contractor Llettyshenkin Construction on a difficult project to cap and make safe a mine shaft beneath a road due to carry 44 tonne trucks.The problem was clear enough when a 40m hole opened up in the carriageway, so the thought of letting the artics. drop through that certainly concentrated the mind. Using 8 inch piles to support a cap under the road was the chosen way to proceed and, despite the very awkward working conditions, which did nor permit any access to the main mineshaft, the work was completed on time – with most of the team members having to wear fall arrest harnesses throughout the project!

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Manufacturing Sector >

Giving a Lift!

Big Jobs for Big Storage

With much work currently going on in the self-storage market, we weren’t too surprised to be called in to help out on such a project and, sure enough, two Big Storage sites, one in Handforth and one in Warrington, required Anvil’s skills to install new lift pits.

With movement of storage goods going on all the time in such buildings, the efficient operation of the lifts is essential for the smooth running of the business. These are often not such straightforward construction projects as might be imagined, and on this occasion high levels of ground water proved to be a headache. Nevertheless, all work was satisfactorily completed on time and within budget.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Manufacturing Sector >

Gillibrand Arms ChorleyThe Gillibrand Arms, Chorley

This contract, won by competitive tender and carried out for Daniel Thwaites Brewery, called upon a number of Anvil Foundation’s specialist techniques. Piled underpinning with needle beams, pin piling to upgrade the existing floor slab and piled ground beams for new construction were all employed to stabilise an existing public house suffering severe differential subsidence.

The brewery employed Shepherd Gilmore Consulting Engineers and Quantity Surveyor Brian Chaddock to supervise and control the works. Along with the stabilisation work, Thwaites took the opportunity to carry out extensive refurbishment works during the shut down.

The public house was constructed in the 1970’s on a thin, shallow raft. Fill deposits were encountered to depths varying from 2.8-7.3m. The material consisted of a random mix of stone,sand, clay ash, brick, topsoil, and peat with occasional pieces of timber and plastic. The natural drift consisting of firm to stiff clay deposits contained a high proportion of shale. Immediately below the clay, the solid deposits of highly weathered shale were encountered, albeit at greatly
varying depths.

Settlement was attributed to: compression of fill due to self-weight and imposed loading; collapse compression of fill due to water inundation; compression of weak deposits below fill;decomposition of organic matter within fill; collapse and migration of materials into possible mine shaft; collapse of possible shallow mine workings.

Probing failed to find evidence of the historic shafts and so a solution involving piles at closely spaced centres was chosen for the main floor slab area. Concentrated reinforcement was installed at the roof support columns using piles and r.c. concrete needle beams. Due to the variation of sub-soil conditions pile

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Spotlight on Basements: Wilmslow & Didsbury

Albert RoadAlbert Road, Wilmslow

Residents at this house in Albert Road in Didsbury were concerned when they noticed a 5ft crack in the wall of their converted attic – and it was increasing! The problem was in the basement, ancient foundations could no longer cope. Anvil once again completed a restricted access repair and retrofit basement. Firstly by removing old and crumbling foundations which would soon have failed completely (for 5ft crack read no wall at all!) and then replacing them with new and long lasting, guaranteed foundation materials.


Elm RoadElm Road, Didsbury

It seems to have been the season for basement work. Here the householders required more space, but when they examinedtheir cellar in this 19th century property, everything looked fine from the outside, but under ground the ‘earth was moving’! Anvil was called in to diagnose the problem and was able to rebuild their foundations and increase their useable space. The ASUC+ insurance scheme gave the clients confidence and peace of mind that the work would solve their problems, and, for the record, the wine cellar was left completely intact!

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Support For The CouncilSupport For The Council

Subsiding Local Authority housing stock has been arrested recently by Anvil in both Rochdale and Burnley.

Minipiled underpinning was the costeffective solution to the Authority Housing Departments and the tennants rentals are rolling in again.

Bridge foundations also required Anvil’s support in Burnley under the watchful supervision of the Engineering Department.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Needham AvenueDomestic underpin which exceeded expectations!

As ever, the domestic underpinning market continues to form a large part of Anvil’s activities and this interesting minipiled underpin project, for consultant Elipta, was typical of many that we do.

Equally typical, unfortunately, can be the unreliability of information gained from site investigations.On this occasion, pile depths of between 10 and 12 metres proved necessary.

Nevertheless, the team on site coped well and managed to complete the additional work within the original contract period, to the satisfaction of both client and consultant.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Brookside ClitheroeComplex underpinning project meets all targets...

Anvil undertook a major £100K underpin at the above large private house in Waddington, Clitheroe. Under the project management of The Restoration Design Partnership, lengthy 10-12m piles were required to form the piled raft underpin, with nibs needled into the load-bearing walls.

This was a large underpin taking nearly 8 weeks, but the operation ran very smoothly, under the overall supervision of David Walter of RDP.

The work was carried out under an ASUC+ guarantee.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Celberity HomesEven celebrity homes need work underground!

Bilton Ward Developments of Great Warford, who specialise in very prestigious domestic developments in the multi-million pound category, called in Anvil Foundations to help with foundations for a number of new projects locally.

Working with existing old buildings - an old garage,cottage and extension - Anvil carried out a piled raft underpin and provided ground beams, piles and needle beams for the structures. The project was in two phases and fully met the expectations of Project Director, David Taylor, of Bilton Ward.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Housing Sector >

Urban SplashHousing Experience

Whatever type of housing is involved and whatever type of work is needed below ground, Anvil has the experience to tackle jobs great and small. For example, the recent inner Manchester development by Urban Splash at Waulk Mill, Ancoats, which represents the very best of residential urban renewal, featured foundation work by Anvil to a feature staircase within the building and an external sub-station.

Similarly, new housing and remedial works, under the regulatory control of the NHBC, is happy to recommend Anvil as an expert within its field. Numerous such projects have been undertaken.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Education Sector >

School ExperienceSchool Experience

This is a sector where specialist knowledge is often needed, not to mention work which is tightly scheduled and managed. Recent Anvilcontracts have included work at the Holy Rosary RC School, Oldham, and Broadbottom Primary School, where piling was undertaken for an extension, thereby saving the client money by amalgamating two jobs into one. Both these contracts were under the supervision of Main Contractor, Benjamin Armitage, whose Site Manager, Kevin Lynam, declared himself eminently satisfied with the project.

Another educational project was work carried out at Littlemoor School, Oldham, for Main Contractor F Parkinson, where Anvil’s site management and piling expertise was praised by Manager Darren Hessian.

Not a bad sort of Foundation Year!

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Education Sector >

Thomas Holford SchoolBlessed Thomas Holford RC School

Working for John Greenwood (Builders) of Oldham and under the design guidance of Carr, Faulkner Associates of Chorley. Anvil recently completed a project at the above school involving an extension to the school library. A combination of 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” piles were installed to carry a variety of loads.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Education Sector >

Navigation Road SchoolBack To School!

This Local Authority (Trafford Borough Council) school, built in 1921, offered another project which had to be completed within a tight schedule to fit in with term time. Work involved stabilising the site after collapse of internal cloakroom walls due to the failure of the existing floor slab.

The supervising Structural Engineer on this occasion was Kevan Minors, who commented:

‘This was a tricky project which needed to be completed within a tight schedule. The site investigation proved that a ‘wash-out’ had taken place, creating a floor area void of about 115mm, and causing settlement of some 85mm over 3 metres. Doors were jamming and there was damage to internal walls. Anvil provided all the necessary information quickly and completed the work on time, including putting in a new floor and allowing the caretakers time to prepare the area before the new term’.

We must have done something right, because we subsequently received a congratulatory phone call from the Headmaster thanking us for completing the work on time!

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Healthcare Sector >

Peter House SurgeryPeter House Surgery

The complication with this project was the absolute need for the surgery to remain open throughout the work, which involved an extension being built to create two new consulting rooms. The main contractor on this occasion was T C Jackson of Wigan, whose Managing Director, Malcolm Sargent, praised the involvement of Anvil and provided real music to our ears!

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Healthcare Sector >

HospitalsMacclesfield Hospital

The NHS is clearly undergoing comprehensive redevelopment, not least in its ambitious building programmes. Here, too, Anvil is active, having done three specialist jobs at the Macclesfield District General Hospital in the past 2 years alone, all under the watchful eye of Main Contractor, A J Bossons. As the firm’s MD, Andrew Bossons, declared:

“This is specialist work, but Anvil are geared up for it. They arrive and leave when they say they will and put in 60 deep foundation piles for us with considerable expertise. They have a good reputation and live up to it”.

Anvil Foundations Case Studies > - Healthcare Sector >

High Quality Care

At Nobles Hospital, Brackenbridge, Isle of Man, 219mm. diam. steelcased bottom piles were driven in to carry the floors for two new extensions to the hospice. Despite working a long way away from their home base, the Anvil team completed the work ahead of schedule and to the satisfaction of main contractor, Dandara.

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